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6 Marketing Tips For Campaign Success In 2019

Marketing is the core of your conversions, leads, and sales. If you open a business and fail to do any marketing, you are guaranteed to be closed within a year. It is just the way the digital world works. When consumers want a product or service, they use the internet and search for the business that has what they need.

What does this mean? It means you absolutely need to really think about your marketing campaigns in 2019. For example, knowing how you can leverage your business via mobile devices because more people are searching the internet on smartphones than desktops.

How do you make this year a year of successful marketing campaigns? The following six marketing tips can serve as a quick guide to get your business in front of more people. Let’s dive in.

1. Before Anything, Know Your Sales Cycle

If you are not sure what a sales cycle is, it is a good idea to look into it because marketing and sales are closer than ever before. This is due to the rapid-fire purchases online consumers make. If you want to reduce the number of touchpoints to make a sale, map out your sales cycle first. “Learning and practicing the sales cycle and refining your technique will help you increase sales and grow your business,” diagramming solution software company Lucidchart explained.

2. Don’t Stretch Your Campaign Too Thin

One of the most common reasons marketing campaigns fail is that they lack focus. Don’t make this marketing mistake in 2019. When you create a campaign this year, identify two channels you can really focus on. This will also allow you to spend more of your campaign budget reaching more of your target audience, since the spend won’t be spread out across too many marketing channels.

3. Creativity And Quality Are Hallmarks Of Marketing Success

If your marketing campaigns in 2019 lack quality, your target audience will see it and move on from your business quickly. You don’t have much time to engage a customer in the digital world we live in today, so your marketing asset, whether video, text, or live interaction needs to be of high quality and very creative. According to Time, “people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the effects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle on the brain.” If you don’t have an ad that captures attention in less than eight seconds, keep brainstorming.

4. Don’t Trash Successful Your Old Marketing Campaigns

You may have a few marketing campaigns still running, but are thinking of starting new ones. Should you start new ones? Yes. Should you trash all of your old ones? No. If something isn’t broke, don’t fix it, or throw it out in this case. Remember, your target audience is not seeing your old ads that much. If you do think they need a little TLC, update them based on the data and analytics you have from running the campaign so long. But never throw out a high converting campaign. This goes for all your old content. Repurpose and update as needed in order to stretch out great content longer.

5. Leverage Your Existing Audience

You have probably heard about influencer marketing. It is a great way to drive more of your target audience to your business using an influencer in your niche. However, before you go buy an influencer, start with the best influencers you already have — your existing audience. They know your brand, they are loyal, they love your products and/or services, and they probably would love to share it with friends and family. So ask them to. You can even give referral codes to your most valuable customers so they can get a discount for referring people. It’s a free way to market your business using those who know it best.

6. Evergreen Content Is Your Best Marketing Friend When On A Tight Budget

Let’s face the facts. The marketing budget for most businesses can be pretty low. This means marketers need to be very creative and know where to focus the most effort in order to maximize the value of the campaign based on the spend.

If you want content that earns value indefinitely, you’ll need to choose topics that are evergreen, meaning they aren’t subject to obsolescence or a drop in relevance over time,” Jayson DeMers of Forbes said. In 2019, your marketing campaign can use evergreen content to do just that. This is certainly nothing new, but it is still relevant because it works — period.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above six marketing tips are not the end-all for your marketing campaigns in 2019. But they are very important and will help you get on the track for success this new year. From staying creative and grabbing attention quickly to repurposing old marketing campaigns that still work, make the most of your marketing efforts, and your budget. What’s your top marketing tip for 2019?

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