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The Concept
Australian Made Women’s Wear label Arcina Ori, was founded in 2020 by Zoe Calodoukas. The brand focuses on creating vintage inspired silhouettes reimagined through a modern lense. Devoted to designing pieces that create memories, the brand evokes beauty and empowers the women of our world. Arcina Ori Dress

This concept is the very core of Arcina Ori, celebrating self-expression, confidence, and femininity. From vision to creation, each step of the process is done within the team in Australia to ensure the upmost quality & dedication to a more sustainable future.

Our Ethics

Our dedication lies in actively using sustainable and ethical practices to create each piece at Arcina Ori. Now more than ever, buyers have become more conscious about where their clothes are made, and in what conditions. We pride ourselves as an ethical Australian made brand. Within our intimate team, we’re committed to working towards a more sustainable future.

Each piece is created from start to finish in Sydney, Australia. With all of our manufacturers located within 20 minutes of our office in Sydney. We visit our factories frequently and have personal relationships with the owners, knowing their workers are in healthy and safe working environments. Every worker is provided with an award wage at minimum. The benefit of having our garments locally made ensures that ethical standards are being met in reducing carbon footprint, garment quality assurance and brand transparency. The escalating issue of waste in the fashion industry is an ever growing concern. Our brand mission is to create quality garments with a timeless appeal, designed to last you years to come. Whilst hoping to give each and every one of you a chance to wear AO; we’re mindful of the quantities we order. In result, we’re making a positive impact on our beautiful planet whilst ensuring you possess a one-off, specialty garment.

With such passion throughout our design & production process, we knew our packaging was just as important. We ship each order out in a reusable zip secured sleeve, and satchel, both produced to be 100% recyclable.

We intentionally design slowly to make sure each garment aligns with our standards of quality and fit. Every decision we make as a brand is infused with a deep sense of gratitude for our environment and invaluable workers. Fueled by individuality and passion, we strive to continue adopting conscious processes into our strategy. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your presence on this transformative journey alongside us. Your participation means the world.

Behind The Name

The name ‘Arcina Ori’ (Pronounced Ar-See-Na Or-Ee) was born solely on creating a unique name that has not yet been heard, thought, seen or spoken. The meaning behind our name is reflected in each design that we create. We want you to look to us for something new, on trend, and individual.

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