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Kendall Jenner wants to dress ‘sleeker’ at Ben Simmons’ games

Kendall Jenner‘s love of cool streetwear and oversized coats has won her scores of style fans — but when it comes to what she wears while supporting rumored boyfriend Ben Simmons at his basketball games, the model likes to clean up her fashion act.

“At games, I want to look sleeker and cleaner. I like pulling my hair back, I like having a tiny little top on, whether it’s a turtleneck or just something small,” Jenner, 23, told Vogue. Indeed, the star’s courtside looks have included everything from skintight plastic pants to four-figure python boots.

Still, Jenner prefers to keep her day-to-day look more laid back. “Dressing more grungy and boyish is comfortable and I love to be comfortable,” she told the publication. “When I was a kid, I wore only boys clothes. There were these long cargo pants you could unzip at the knees and they became capris — those were my jam.”

Given Simmons’ documented fondness for the many-pocketed pants, we can’t imagine he’d object.

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