When it comes to travel, Dubai is known worldwide for its exciting attractions and vibrant atmosphere. The mesmerizing blend of modernity and tradition in Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world. Along with Burj Khalifa, another tourist attraction in this dazzling city is the famous Global Village.

There is a place in the Global Village of Dubai where there are all kinds of arrangements, from shopping to entertainment. If you are planning to visit Dubai, then do not forget to include this beautiful attraction on your list, and who knows, this place may become the reason for you to visit Dubai again. Let’s quickly read our blog to learn more about Global Village in Dubai.

About Global Village

The Global Village was established in 1997 and, over the years, has become a popular destination among tourists for its pavilions. The theme of the park is based on different countries and cities around the world. The park has 27 pavilions representing different countries like Pakistan, China, Africa, and the Middle East. Apart from the pavilions, the park also has several other attractions and facilities, such as the Global Bazaar, Global Avenue, Global Food Court, and Global Translators.

What to expect from Global Village

 A whole-world tour in one place

Global Village is a place in Dubai where you will feel as if you have travelled the whole world. It has 90 country pavilions, including in India, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, and many other countries, where you can experience the diverse cultures, traditions, and flavors of different countries without actually travelling to each country. Each pavilion is like a miniature representation of a country, showcasing its unique architecture, art, and culture year after year. It’s a visual feast that brings the world to your doorstep.

Culinary Wonders

This is a paradise for food lovers. If you are planning a Dubai trip and are worried about how to manage food, then you don’t have to worry. Here you will find more than 100 restaurants, street food restaurants, and cafes that serve various authentic dishes from around the world. You must try some famous local foods, such as kunafa, manousheh, and many more.

Cultural show and concert

Are you someone who loves watching cultural programmers and events? If yes, then you can enjoy many live cultural programmers and concerts presented by famous artists from all over the world. Artists from different countries perform over 2000 performances in the form of traditional dance, music, and other recreational activities to entertain the visitors. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Dubai tour packages today to enjoy New Year’s Eve at Global Village.

Fantasy Island

There are fun activities you can do at Global Village Dubai. Fantasy Island is an amusement park where you can enjoy multiple activities in one place, like Inflatable Land, Demolition Derby, High Striker, Bungee Trampolines, Crazy Water Rollers, Baby Drop Tower, and many more. Apart from rides, here you can enjoy the bowling alley and Aquadrome dance floor. This is the best place to come with your kids and give them lots of entertainment.

The most beautiful thing that you should not leave without seeing is the spectacular fireworks. As soon as the clock strikes 12, fireworks start to go off throughout the park.

Enjoy circus

During your Dubai trip, at the Global Village, don’t forget to watch thrilling performances by talented artists from all over the world. You will be shocked to see thrilling circus acts featuring acrobats, clowns, and other talented performers.

At this place, you will not feel bored, even for a moment, and you will hold your breath for the wheels of death every moment.

Adventures with Peter Rabbit

Another best thing to do is explore Global Village in Dubai with your kids in the Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone. It is a magical heaven for your kids, for sure. This Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone is inspired by the cartoon series about a little white rabbit named Peter and his sweet friends.

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Children can enjoy climbing, jumping, planting, and many other fun and educational activities in the Peter Rabbit Adventures Zone, as well as delicious organic coffee and fruit smoothies from Mrs. Rabbit’s Fresh Farm Café.

Harbour Force performances

One of the best and must-try things to do at Global Village Dubai is the Harbour Force Performance, which will be completely full of action and speed and will leave you in awe. When watching this display, be prepared for some bike backflips, drifting, double fly-board action, and jet-ski acrobatics. Apart from this, you can also watch Here Comes the Boom and many other entertaining shows.

Opening hours

Sunday to Wednesday, 4 PM to 12 AM

Thursday to Saturday, 4 PM to 1 AM

Tuesdays, except national holidays, are reserved exclusively for families and women.

This information may be updated when you read this blog, so please check the times on the official website before visiting.


There are various things to keep yourself entertained throughout the day at Global Village in Dubai. Even if you stay here from morning until evening, you will not be able to see everything. We can say that you can enjoy the food and traditions of all countries in one place. So, book your Dubai tour package with Filp Trip Holiday today to visit Global Village Dubai.


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