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Heavy Duty Towing Services Amarillo In Tx

Heavy Duty Towing Services 

60 Ton Rotator Services  

If you get stranded in a heavy duty vehicle such as a semi-truck, you might worry that you will have a hard time finding a towing company that is up for the job. K3 Towing, Recovery and Transport, Inc is equipped to handle towing jobs of all sorts and sizes. We are available all day every day to make sure that your heavy duty vehicle is taken care of. One of the services that we offer for heavy duty towing is a 60 ton rotator truck. This truck allows us to handle even the toughest and biggest towing jobs with ease.

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Heavy Duty Services We Specialize In:


Tour or City Buses

RVs or Motor-coaches

Storage Unit

Single Axle Semis

Cube Vans

Construction Vehicles

K3 Towing, Recovery and Transport, Inc.


800 East Farmer’s Avenue
Amarillo,  TX   79118

Phone: 806-622-9891
Fax: 806-622-9860
Robby: (806)433-5974 Email:robby@k3towing.com

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