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Importance of Kundali Matching for Marriage According to Astrologers

Marriage is an important chapter of anybody’s life. Your life partner can either make your life bliss or spoil it completely. In astrology, we believe that you attract a kind of partner as has been promised in your kundli. By analyzing your birth chart, we can determine what type of spouse you are likely to have. Now, if a person is in a bad marriage, it is because the same has been promised in his birth chart. And here, astrology can help by not letting you bump into a partner who is not compatible with you. How? Let’s explore!

Find a Compatible Partner- Kundli Matching

In Vedic astrology, we use kundli matching to find the compatibility between the partners. The Kundli matching or marriage matching is an ancient Vedic practice where we match the astrological prospects called Gunas to find how well the partners are suited to each other. The matching helps identify:

  • Physical compatibility

  • Mental compatibility

  • Sexual compatibility

  • Financial compatibility

  • Spiritual compatibility

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What is Kundli Matching, and How is it done?

In kundli matching, the birth charts are checked under eight heads called Ashtkoota. Under each head, we check for specific compatibility. In ordinary terms, we just look at the person outside, but with kundli matching, you can find the inner traits. We all have taken birth because there are some pending karmas that we need to address in this life. The birth chart gives information about the karmic relations. With kundli matching, we can associate the karmic relations established through the eight heads as has been wonderfully crafted by our ancient scholars. The eight heads are as follows:

1. Varna (Cast)-1 point: This evaluates the spiritual compatibility of the couple. It is divided into four categories: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra.

2. Vashya (Dominance)-2 points: This factor determines one partner’s control or dominance over the other. It is categorized into five types: Manav (Humans), Vanchar (Wild animals), Chatushpada (Quadrupeds), Jalchar (Aquatic animals), and Keeta (Insects).

3. Tara (Star Compatibility) – 3 points: It assesses the health and well-being of the couple after marriage. There are 27 Nakshatras (stars), and each Nakshatra is assigned points based on compatibility.

4. Yoni (Nature)-4 points: The Yoni represents the sexual compatibility between the couple. There are 14 Yonis, each representing an animal, and points are assigned based on their compatibility.

5. Graha Maitri (Planetary Friendship)-5 points: This aspect assesses the psychological compatibility and friendship between the couple based on the Moon signs.

6. Gana (Temperament)-6 points: It evaluates the compatibility of the temperaments of the couple. There are three types of Ganas: Deva (Divine), Manav (Human), and Rakshasa (Demonic).

7. Bhakoot (Love and Affection)- 7 points: Bhakoot represents the emotional compatibility between the couple, based on the Moon signs.

8. Nadi (Health): Nadi dosha assesses the genetic compatibility and the possibility of childbirth issues in horoscope. There are three Nadis: Adi (First), Madhya (Middle), and Antya (Last).

Points are given under each head, for a total of 36 points. The total score is calculated to determine the couple’s overall compatibility. A higher score indicates better compatibility and a greater chance of a successful marriage.

  • More than 18 points- above average match

  • 18 points- average match

  • Less than 18 points- below average match

Free Kundli Matching Online

One can match kundli for free at www.vinaybajrangi.com or the Karma astro app. The online report for horoscope matching helps finding compatibility between the partners within the comfort of your home by providing the birth details online. The online portal instantly tells you the Guna matching score. You can decide whether it’s a good, average, or not acceptable match based on the scores. The app also checks the kundlis for mangal dosha and its cancellations, if any. The app will suggest whether the match is acceptable or if one should reject it. But, astrological consultation is also necessary to read further to know why.

Ask Experts Before Saying Yes or No to a Proposal

One should take an astrological consultation for matchmaking before saying yes or no to a marriage proposal. Sometimes, a proposal with fewer points is accepted for marriage, and a proposal with more points is rejected. This is because the astrologer can check for other factors like karaka placement, cancellation of Bhakoot and Nadi dosha, cancellation of the Manglik dosha, and deep analysis of the D-chart. In many cases, the points vary due to the cancellation of kundli dosha. An expert marriage astrologer checks the following apart from the Ashtkoota Guna Milan:

  • Karaka matching

  • Nakshatra analysis

  • D-9 chart

  • Cancellation of Kundli Dosha

  • Cancellation of Kundli Yoga

Ashtkoota Milan is the First but not the Last Step

Ashtkoota Milan is the initial step towards matching kundli, but an astrological consultation must follow it. The guna score is not the final judgment for accepting or rejecting a proposal. The astrologer will check the horoscopes for other astrological combinations, which will affect the point score. Thus, it’s important to consult an astrologer. Things may not be how you look at them, and the marriage astrologer can make a huge difference!

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