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I was told it could take 12 weeks to get a refund for a flight

The agent said it would take time to process, but I need the money for a house purchase

Seven months ago I paid the agent Travelup over £2,300 for a return flight from Manchester to Port Harcourt in Nigeria with Air France.

Recently, I was told that the return flight had been rerouted and was offered a refund, which I accepted. To my horror I was told this could take up to 12 weeks to arrive.

I am purchasing a house so I need every penny, but four weeks on there’s no sign of my money.

DR, Liverpool

Travelup says its terms and conditions warn that refunds can take up to eight weeks to process because they have to be authorised by the airline. It’s not clear why you were quoted 12 weeks.

“We have requested the original merchant acquirer to process the refund with immediate effect,” it says. “As this transaction was carried out over six months ago the payment gateway has to verify the refund, however all is in motion.

“As we act as an agent we have to follow a process and sometimes this will take longer than we would like.”

Amazingly, despite this, the funds arrived in your account the very day I contacted Travelup, although you only realised a few days later because you received no notification.

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