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Water Based Paper Adhesive

Empowera manufactures exceptional water based paper adhesives and glue ideal for high speed carry bag production in india. Our water based bag adhesives provide the flexibility, quick setting times, and powerful bonding strength needed for automatic and semi-automatic paper bag machines.

As a top supplier of paper bag glue in india, empowera’s water based adhesives allow paper bag manufacturers to optimize productivity. The water based formula applies evenly for consistent adhesion and dries rapidly so handles and bottoms can be bonded immediately. Our glues and adhesives are specially engineered for high speed gluing of kraft paper to create sturdy and durable paper carry bags.

Empowera offers the best glue for paper bags on the indian market. Our water based adhesive gum for paper bags creates incredibly strong bonds between layers of kraft paper resulting in reinforced bag handles and sturdy bag construction. We supply paper bag producers across india with adhesive gum and glue for paper carry bags capable of withstanding up to 30kg loads during transport and storage.

Contact empowera when searching for the highest performing paper bag adhesives and glue in india expertly crafted to boost your carry bag machine efficiency. Our bonding solutions maximize uptime while producing robust and reliable paper bags at top speeds.

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