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The best full coverage concealers

Perfect for those awkward spots

Full-coverage foundations are huge right now, but I’m broadly averse. Unless your complexion is as problematic as you believe (unlikely), serious cover-up comes best from heavy-duty concealer, since this can be applied judiciously only to the areas in extra need, allowing the rest of your skin to look healthy and real – dewy, living, not uniform in colour and finish. A full-coverage concealer over a lighter foundation, tinted moisturiser, or even nothing at all, gives a perfected but more flattering look.

YSL’s big 2019 launch, Touche Éclat High Cover Radiant Concealer, £26, is a more camouflaging take on their iconic clicky highlighter pen. What remains light and thin in consistency packs a greater punch in coverage, so if you love the speedy convenience of the original, you’ll probably love this, too. It’s not, in fact, a cover-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink job, but is no worse for it. It brightens dark circles and disguises spots precisely. Just make sure you wash the brush weekly.

Fenty Beauty’s eagerly awaited Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch, £19, on the other hand, is opaque. I didn’t love it on bare skin (the ultra matte finish jars unless applied over foundation), but the colour range is fantastic (50 shades, several undertones), it blends well without settling into creases and stays put, no matter what (I couldn’t rub it off with soap). Oilier skins are better suited to its slightly flat, shine-free finish. For drier, older, skins, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away concealer, £24, is just perfect – with or without a foundation underlay. I love its light texture, especially under eyes, and the cushion-tipped tube makes light work of blending (people may have hygiene concerns, but I can’t see how it’s different from any wand-type concealer, and it’s easy to wash).

Armani’s Power Fabric foundation (among the very few full coverage bases I’ll wear) now has a concealer spin-off, £32. Just like its big sister, it has a deceptively light texture and natural look. It takes a tad more blending than Tilbury’s offering, but remains flawless all day. Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty has a terrific Full Coverage concealer, £8.99, that blends beautifully, adds a little hydration, and lasts. Wear alone or over its exceptionally good companion foundation.

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